If your employees fill box after box after box, day after day, a professional case erector and sealer is a must. This investment easily increases productivity by up to 400% over manual processes and prevents injury to your staff.

All case erectors come with tape heads to quickly seal your carton bottom panels. They can also be equipped with tape heads to seal the top panels for automated packouts.

There are many variations for case sealers, dependent on your packaging requirements. Some sealers are meant for uniform boxes, while others can handle almost any random size carton you throw at it.

We work with case erector and sealer manufacturers that are known for reliability and efficiency. Frontier’s packaging professionals offer a complete line of semi and fully automatic case sealers. The engineering that goes into these machines might be complex, but they are simple to use for your staff.

Options available:

  • Interchangeable tape heads
  • Infeed and exit tables
  • Low tape indicator sensors
  • Belt drive and motor upgrades
  • Line integration

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