A well-designed packaging workstation is instrumental for efficiency. Our packaging tables and components are modular, so they can be added to or reconfigured as needed.

DEHNCO Packaging Workstations

Customized Packaging Workstations

As proud partners of DEHNCO, we will consult with you to custom design your packaging workstation. This could be a standalone packaging workbench or an over-conveyor station for the busiest warehouses. Choose only the accessories your shipping & receiving department needs, right at their fingertips. From the floor mat below your feet to the box storage system overhead, we have it all. We even supply accessories for mounting computer monitors, keyboards, and label printers alongside your paper rolls and cutters.

Example of integrated packaging systems

DEHNCO integrates seamlessly with cushioning systems, case erectors, strapping machines, and more, for the most productive packaging workstation.

There are many benefits of having an ergonomic, well-designed packaging workstation:

  • Speed up manual packaging processes
  • Lower physical strain on employees
  • Transform unused space into a productive workspace
  • Keep packaging area clean and organized
  • Prevent accidents and injury

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