Our Cushioning Systems come from industry leaders with decades of experience manufacturing fast reliable machines. We offer paper or plastic bubble cushion systems with the packaging expertise to help you choose your perfect solution.
Storopack and Pregis Cushioning Systems

Protective Packaging Systems

Cushioning, Void Fill, Block & Brace, and Dunnage Applications

Frontier is proud to be the Indianapolis partner of industry leaders like Storopack and Pregis, who share our view that packaging is almost a synonym for protection. These tried-and-true systems are workhorses in busy facilities all over the world. Paper and air cushioning systems are used for protection as well as blocking, bracing, void fill and dunnage. Don’t forget to ask us about environmentally friendly options!

Storopack PaperPlus® Sytems


Pregis On-Demand Paper Systems


Storopack AirPlus® Systems


Pregis AirSpeed® Systems


Other protective packaging systems are available, and we can help you choose the perfect one.

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