Frontier features professional-grade tapes and accessories by Shurtape to seal your cartons quickly and easily. Our selection of tapes is used extensively by manufacturing, food, beverage, and moving industries throughout the country.
Tape for industrial or moving boxes

The Perfect Tape for Your Application

Hot Melt Adhesive Tape is a proven performer for box sealing applications. High Shear Resistance means that tape ends will not come loose even in rough handling environments. Application range is 45° – 120°F. This tape is often used in our automated taping machines.

Water Activated Tape overs a strong secure bond that seals almost instantly with just one piece of tape. It remains unaffected by hot or cold temperatures and easily seals dusty cartons. Upgrade to the reinforced version with fiberglass yarns for superior strength.

Masking Tape is designed for good adhesion and clean removal at room temperatures. Both conformable and flexible, masking tape has a huge variety of applications. This tape is composed of finely structured crepe offering superior paint lines and smooth unwind. Comes in standard or Painter’s grade.

Specialty Tapes of every variety you can imagine, from duct tape, gaffers tape, security tape and more. Just let us know what tape you need. We have it!

Tape Dispensers are also available for all types of tape applications. We offer a huge variety of hand-held, heavy duty, desktop, water-activated, and specialty tape dispensers. We even offer automated sealing systems for busy packaging operations.

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